Care3 and USC Family Caregiver Support Center Team Up to Help Families Coordinate Care



(Los Angeles, CA) - September 12, 2016 - Care3™, a leading  developer of mobile health technology, has announced a partnership with the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology and their Family Caregiver Support Center to provide care planning and secure communication resources to all Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center clients and their families.

"We are honored to be chosen by USC and the Family Caregiver Support Center,” says Care3 Co-Founder and CEO David Williams, “Families receiving services from the LACRC are typically underserved and have low access to healthcare in their communities. Care3 can help bridge that care gap and coordinate care between family and providers."


Care3™ plans to work with hospitals, health insurers, and other health entities to digitize and mobilize their care instructions while also making them more consumer friendly. Care3 will deliver each task step-by-step over their HIPAA-compliant care-sharing mobile app.

"We can use Care3 to empower our caregiver clients to not only take care of their loved ones, but take better care of themselves as well," says Donna Benton, PhD, Director of the USC Family Caregiver Support Center (

Family caregivers often develop illnesses while caring for loved ones. The collaboration will address caregiver stress, burnout, and other health issues.

About Care3™

Founded by three former Aetna executives with successful entrepreneurial backgrounds in consumer and enterprise health technology, Care3 elegantly combines patient and family engagement with post-acute care coordination on the same mobile and web-based platform to improve outcomes and reduce costly hospital readmissions for underserved populations including seniors, people of color, and the disabled. Care3 is inspired by the realization that the most vulnerable members of our society do not have equal access to healthcare and receive woefully inadequate quality of care in their homes and communities.  Care3 is built to fix these unacceptable and unnecessary inequities. Learn more at


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