Care3 CEO David Williams Honored as Entrepreneur of the Week by The Longevity Network


TheLongevityNetworkC3_logo_wordDavid Williams The Longevity Network ( has recognized Care3 co-Founder and CEO, David Williams as Entrepreneur of the Week. The Longevity Network was created to give Investors and Entrepreneurs the resources needed to create breakthrough products, experiences, and business models for health technologies benefitting the 50+ audience. The Longevity Network published an interview with David where he shared his thoughts on healthcare, entrepreneurship, digital health, care coordination, and other topics.

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

LN: How has what happened with Care3 differed from what you imagined would happen with Care3?

DW: Caregivers started using our Action Messages (patent-pending) sooner than we thought. An Action Message is a care task delivered as a text message (or media message) that has accountability attached to it. A caregiver can accept the task, which notifies the Care Team that the task will be done. Once completed, the caregiver can tap the “done” button notifying everyone of completion.

We thought it would take longer for caregivers to adopt this hybrid messaging/tasks behavior but we’re happy to say that we’ve seen a steady increase in Action Message utilization. What this means is that caregivers are sharing more and more care tasks with each other. Action Messages are what makes “care-sharing” possible.

Congratulations, David! Check out the full interview on The Longevity Network website.