Senior Care PACE: Helping Your Participant Family Caregivers Help You

Helping your participant family caregivers provide high-quality care shouldn’t be a challenge. At Care3 we believe that family caregivers are as critical to the success of PACE as the IDT. This is why, in partnership with PACE, we have built the first mobile and web application designed to help you manage and strengthen this critical relationship.

Care3 Action Planner Key Features

  1. Shared digital action plan for IDT, participant, and family caregivers

  2. Customizable care tips and advice for each participant and family

  3. Automated notifications for the IDT to help family caregivers deliver care at home

Care3 Mobile App Key Features

  1. Secure mobile access to the PACE care plan intuitively organized by task

  2. My Actions calendar to quickly see daily caregiving responsibilities and individual care task detail

  3. HIPAA-compliant messaging to communicate conveniently and confidentially between family caregivers and your IDT

According to participant family caregivers, the need is clear.

“I usually only have a quick question, but it takes 10 minutes to even leave a message.” - PACE Participant Family Caregiver

“I don’t hear back from any PACE staff for days, if they return my call at all.” - PACE Participant Family Caregiver

Working with PACE, Care3 has delivered the first application designed to support the important partnership between family caregivers and your center-based IDT staff. With Care3 you can give participant families all of the care information they need to support your PACE care plan.