Care3 offers two distinct solutions to help your care program collaborate on care for superior results.


Care3 Mobile

Communication is essential to any team caring for patients and interacting with family caregivers. Care3 makes that connection easy and powerful with our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging mobile app.


Care3 Mobile Powers Interactions

  • Photo taking and sharing

  • Incident Reporting (falls, hospitalizations, etc.)

  • Group messaging with care team and families

  • Individual Task sharing and tracking

  • Staff-to-staff messaging

  • Staff-to-patient/family messaging

  • Video conversations (asynchronous)

  • Audio recording



Care3 Platform 

Care3 Action Planner is a simple, yet deep collaborative platform for care planning and real-time tracking. 



Care3 Action Planner enables your team to build ONE single action plan for all care by providing collaborative work space for each provider on your interdisciplinary team to build itemized task lists of care activities to be completed in the home by clinicians, home care aides, and/or family caregivers. 

Action Plans include:

  • Itemized task lists created by discipline and need

  • Medication reminders and adherence tracking

  • Symptoms and Vitals data tracking 

  • Activities of Daily Living reminders and tracking

  • Appointment scheduling and reminders


Care3 Action Planner enhances the Care3 mobile app to track all action plan activities in real-time at point-of-care. 

Alerts & Notification

Care3 Action Planner creates notifications of care completion and alerts when care is NOT completed so you can intervene.

Analytics & Reporting

Care3 Action Planner automatically generates longitudinal reports highlighting care gaps so they can be addressed with unprecedented speed to maximize outcomes.




Care3 offers two distinct subscriptions to match your care program's needs. 


Features our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging app for easy communications between IDT, center staff and participant families.



Includes access to Care3 Action Planner and full integration with our award-winning secure messaging mobile app.


*Pricing is for each individual participant.



What Our Customers Say

“This is it. Care3 will change everything for Medicaid recipients and their families.”
- Mario Molina, MD - CEO, Golden Shore Medical


“I am in contact with families that we were never able to reach before”
- PACE Social Worker


“Care3 has truncated the provision of service, the communication of that service to participant and family and the documentation of that service down to minutes from days.”
- PACE Program Manager


“Care3 will help us grow our PACE program.”
- PACE Administrator


“The families find it easier to ask for refills via text.”
- PACE Medical Assistant




Care3 has been recognized for its innovation for underserved populations.