New MitoAction Innovation Insight! “Self-Conversations”

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The Care3 and MitoAction partnership has quickly revealed previously unknown ways that the app can enhance care for ourselves and our loved ones. We are calling these revelations Innovation Insights.


Innovation Insight One
The first Innovation Insight about Care3 is that the app can be used just for yourself. Up until now Care3 has been optimized for team-based group conversations. What we’ve learned is that you can create a new “conversation” but only invite yourself (by entering your own email address in the Add to Conversation Group). The newly-created “self-conversation” only includes you so you can do anything you want with this space.

One incredibly valuable way MitoAction members are using self-conversations is to store past health information. They are transferring their paper-based binders of past health information into Care3 by taking photos of the pages within the app, annotating the photos to identify them, and saving them to the HIPAA-compliant Care3 secure cloud. Now they have their health information in the palm of their hand, accessible anywhere with an internet connection, with no more lugging around a binder to doctor appointments.

Check out this QuickStart Guide on how to create your Digital Binder of past health information. Give it a try, create your own self-conversation to store information or for other uses like these.

Create A Digital Binder of Your Paper Health Records
Add Appointments to your HIPAA compliant in-app Calendar

Stay tuned for more Innovation Insights from our MitoAction Global Innovation Partnership coming soon!

The second Innovation Insight is that the Care3 app can be used for far more than just HIPAA-compliant secure messaging. Care3 can be used for appointment-setting, task tracking and sharing, personal record-keeping.