Create and Share A Digital Binder of Your Paper Health Records


We all have a binder with our past health history or that of our loved ones. Now you can transfer that paper binder to a “Digital Binder” that goes with you everywhere. You can also add to your binder, share the entire set or any individual element with others whenever you want.

(Download a pdf QuickStart Guide.)

Bookmark this post so you can refer back to it whenever you have to interact with your new Digital Binder.

Create Your Digital Binder Conversation


1 .  From the Conversations screen, press the “chat” space icon in the lower right to create the space for your Digital Binder.


2 . By tapping the “+” button to Add to Conversation Group, select “Phone or Email” and enter the email you used to create your MitoAction Mobile by Care3 account. Tap “save”.



3 .  Enter a Title: “My Digital Binder” or similar. Adding an Image is optional




4 .  Tap “done” in the upper right corner.


Your Digital Binder Conversation is now created! You will see it on your home screen with the Title you just entered.  Now let’s start adding some items.

Add Items Your Digital Binder Space


To get started, tap into your Digital Binder Conversation.


1 .  Tap the +” button in the lower left corner to show the media menu.


2.  Tap the camera icon to take a photo. Choose “Capture Image” from the menu. Take the picture and tap “Use Photo”. The image is now in the message box.  


3.  Type a description of the image. Use keywords like “labs” that will make it easy to search for the image later when you need it. Tap “send”.


4.   View your item in your Digital Binder. The image is saved on our HIPAA-compliant cloud server.

That’s it! Repeat these steps for every item you want to have access to from your paper records. Now you have access to them from anywhere at anytime.

Share Items In Your Digital Binder Space

1 .  Locate the image you wish to share in your digital binder and tap anywhere on the image to select the image.


2 .  Tap the download icon in the upper righthand corner to download the image to your device.


3 .  Return to the conversation in which you wish to share the image and tap the paperclip icon in the lower lefthand corner.


4 .  Tap the photo icon, then tap “Choose Existing” and locate the image in your device’s photos and attach it to the conversation.


5 .  Tap “send” and you’ve shared the image!


Now you have shared your Digital Binder item! You can also send messages to the person with whom you shared the item just like sending any other text message.