Track Symptoms and Events with Incident Reports


Tracking symptoms and reporting events/incidents are two immensely important activities in helping your doctors, nurses, and therapists provide you the best healthcare. An Incident Report allows you to manually track a symptom you’re experiencing over time (e.g., pain, nausea) and/or report a specific event (e.g., seizure, fall). Make sure to create an Incident Report each time you experience a symptom or event. To manually track a symptom or report an incident, the process is the same. Follow these simple steps—video at the bottom of the page:


1.  From within a conversation (like your PHI Conversation), tap the “+” icon next to reveal the action menu.

2.  Select “incident report”.


3.  Complete the required fields marked “❉”. (Image shows completed sections). Try to give as much detail even on non-required fields to help everyone understand what happened.

4.  Tap the “check mark” in the upper right corner to complete your report.




5.  To view the completed report, simply tap on the Incident Report Action Message to reveal the details.

To view a chart of your symptom or incident history, tap “View History” or “View Chart” to see real-time longitudinal updated charts right on your device.