Add Appointments to your HIPAA compliant in-app Calendar


Do you want to have all of your doctor appointments in an app and then have it remind you that you have that appointment? Here’s how:



1 .  An appointment is created similar to an action item. Click the “+” icon to open the menu. Select the “chat star” action message icon to create an appointment. Complete the fields with all pertinent appointment details.



2 .  Once you’ve created the appointment, tap the “accept” button. Then tap on the calendar icon in the bottom right corner from your main Conversations screen.




3 .  Click on the date you wish to see the appointments for. Dates with appointments are indicated with a red dot below it.


4 . You may also scroll to the bottom for the latest appointments.  Simply tap on the appointment to reveal the details.



Once you’ve had the appointment, let everyone know by tapping the “done” button.